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Conversion of Rig Key Gibraltar as an Offshore Installation (OI)
CSSC Construction Video for Zentech's R-550D Jackup Rig
IIT International Conference 2020: Zentech CEO Ramesh Maini
ZXR-Inspection Elios 3 Inspector
Zentech ZeeRig 1 Accommodations Vessel
ZXR-Inspection Elios 3 Take Off
Modular Offshore Platforms - Zentech
MODU to MOPU Conversion [Hibiscus Alpha]
Zentech Semi-Submersible Jackup Drilling Rig for Polar Waters
Zee Luxury Resort
ZXR-Inspection for Leg Inspections
Zentech ZENLOCK™ hull-to-leg fixation system for jackup rigs.
Zentech Jackup Rig Design R-550D
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