ZXR-I: Inspection

Zentech Extend Reality Inspection

  • STOP THE NEED OF PERSONNEL ENTERING TANKS FOR INSPECTIONS. Avoid exposure to hazardous gasses or depleted oxygenated spaces, the need for airing the space and monitoring, scaffolding, buddy system entry, and other confined space entry mitigation efforts. – Saving time, money and freeing personnel
  • Although not intrinsically safe, the data will be available after the initial survey for multiple personnel viewing and sharing
  • Improved Structural Integrity thru higher quality inspection planning
  • Lightless tank environments; data points are still highly effective with great picture resolution.
  • In full color and/ or black and white
  • Provides safe and continual access to the state of the entire space without the cumbersome process of re-entering

ZXR-I Samples

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