List of Zentech Projects

Choose Zentech for your best-in-class engineering services. We stand by our services and stay involved with our projects. Zentech continues to deliver world-class engineering solutions, with a 40-year record of excellence.  View a representative list of Zentech’s recent projects below.


Project: ADES, Admarine-100 – Mooring for FSO unit in the Gulf of Suez
Summary:  Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) buoy system was originally proposed by Zentech for this application.


Summary: The Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration (MARAD), represented by Tote Services Inc. TSI had asked Zentech Inc. to perform studies for the mooring and environmental load as well as sliding resistance of the SALM (Single Anchor Leg Mooring) for mooring a 40,000 DWT tanker.

Alliance Offshore Drilling

Project: Zentech R-550D New Build
Summary: Zentech’s Proprietary Jackup Rig Design


Project:Tension Leg Wellhead Platform
Summary:FEED study for drilling & support modules


Project: Olympus DVA for Shell, Big Foot M400 for Chevron
Summary: Platform Rig Design


Project: EVA-Plus
Summary: Complete Semi-submersible Rig Design

Shelf Drilling

Project: Olympus DVA for Shell, Big Foot M400 for Chevron
Summary: Platform Rig Design

National Drilling Company

Project: Jackup Rig Al Yasat Upgrade
Summary: Detail Engineering, Project Site Support

National Drilling Company

Project: Jackup Rig Al Ghallan Spudcan Design
Summary: Design Engineering

National Drilling Company

Project: ND35- Al Hail, ND14- Al Bzoom, ND20- Delma, ND19 – Brakah, ND03- Al Ittihad, ND07 – Junana, ND18 – Beynouna, ND04 – Al Ghallan, ND05 – Al Yasat, ND06 – Diyina, ND12 – Yemilah
Summary: LosJack™ stability program

Seadrill Partners, LLC

Project: Semi Submersible, West Sirius, Semi Submersible West Capricorn, Semi Submersible West Pegasus, Drill Ship West Vela, Semi Submersible West Aquarius, Jackup Rig West Defender, Jackup Rig West Oberon, Jackup Rig West Titania, Jackup Rig West Intrepid, Jackup Rig West Courageous
Summary: Upgrade Engineering

Helix Energy Solutions

Project: Q 5000
Summary: Third party review of a semi-submersible well intervention vessel


Project: Jackup Charlie Yester
Summary: ZAIMS (Asset Integrity Management Studies) 3D Modeling

Aban Offshore Ltd.

Project: Aban Ice
Summary: Riser Analysis

MARAD Chesapeake SALM

Project: MARAD Chesapeake SALM, Offshore Masirah Island in Gulf of Oman
Summary: The Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration (MARAD), represented by Tote Services Inc. The scope included checking structural integrity of the mooring buoy, structural adequacy of the mooring base, adequacy of chain size, sliding stability of gravity base.

National Drilling Company

Project: Jackup Rig Al Ghweifat Upgrade
Summary: Front End design for Upgrade

Evans-Hamilton, Inc.

Project: Gulf Star 1
Summary: Mooring Software Solution (ZenMAS™)

BP Chemicals

Project: Horn Mountain
Summary: Mooring Software Solution (ZenMAS™)


Project: Sedco 707
Summary: Asset Integrity Management Studies (ZenMAS™)

Egyptian Drilling Company

Project: Jackup Rig SNEFERU Upgrade
Summary: Various detail engineering studies


Project: Semi Submersible Roger Eason
Summary: Complete Engineering Package


Project: Semi Submersible West Sirius, Semi Submersible West Capricorn
Summary: Miscellaneous Engineering for modifications


Project: Sedco 707
Summary: Asset Integrity Management Studies (ZAIMS)


Project: Jackup Rig Independencia 1
Summary: Onsite Construction Management and Detailed Engineering assistance.


Project: Jackup Rubicone
Summary: Conversion to MOPU


Project: Semi Submersible Roger Eason, Semi Submersible Clyde Boudreaux
Summary: Riser Analysis, Riser Deck Analysis


Project: Jackup Rig 120, Jackup Rig 150, Jackup Rig 173, Jackup Rig 200, Jackup Rig 201, Jackup Rig 202, Jackup Rig 204, Jackup Rig 205, Jackup Rig 213, Jackup Rig 251, Jackup Rig 253, Jackup Rig 264, Jackup Rig 350
Summary: Elevated Load Analyses

Diamond Offshore

Project: Semi Submersible Ocean America, Jackup Rig Ocean Monarch, Jackup Rig Ocean Scepter, Semi Submersible Ocean Courage, Semi Submersible Ocean Vanguard, Semi Submersible Ocean Valor
Summary: Upgrade Engineering


Project: Semi Submersible Danny Adkins, Semi Submersible Dave Beard
Summary: Complete engineering package, all disciplines

Helix Energy Solutions

Project: Helix Producer 1
Summary: Conversion to FPSO and onsite Construction management

Millennium Offshore Services

Project: Jackup Rig Ahmed, Jackup Rig Deema, Jackup Rig Leen, Jackup Rig Marinia, Jackup Rig Trident 1
Summary: Stability Analyses

BP Chemicals

Project: Horn Mountain
Summary: Mooring Software Solution (ZenMAS™)


Project: Genesis Spar
Summary: Mooring Software Solution (ZenMAS™)


Project: Tahiti Spar
Summary: Mooring Software Solution (ZenMAS™)

National Drilling Company

Project: Jackup Rig Al Yasat, Diyina & Yemilah Upgrade
Summary: Upgrade Engineering & Design

New Orleans

Project: Shoring Tower Protection in New Orleans, Louisana
Summary: During widening of Huey Long Bridge, false-works are used for the erection of bridge trusses. The tasks involved included the design of protection barrier from impact of a runaway barge. A structure consisting of barges, sectional barges and piles were designed to absorb the energy through plastic deformations.

BPZ Energy

Project: BPZ Corvina Field in Peru
Summary: The study included determination of the mooring system to hold 25,000 to 80,000 DWT tankers in 59 m water depth using OCIMF criteria.

Abu Dhabi

Project: Vessel Exclusion Barrier in Abu Dhabi
Summary: The project involved in the design of mooring system to hold floating security barrier in place under the impact loads of small craft trying to breach the barrier. The barrier is made of segments interconnected with locking modules, long gate for the entry of the vessels, supported by shore anchors. Non-linear time domain analysis was performed to study the dissipation of impact energy through global deformations.


Project: Canaport LNG Terminal Project at Canaport, Saint John, NB Canada
Summary: The project involved several jacket structures in water depths of about 15 to 30 m. These structures are: one Loading Platform, 4 Berthing Dolphins, 6 Mooring Dolphins and 5 Trestle Bridge Supports. The project was for Kiewit Engineering.


Project: ConocoPhillips in Veneauela
Summary: Mooring tower was designed to secure FSO and shuttle tanker in 85 ft water depth for the Corocoro field development in Venezuela. Time domain simulation was performed to determine the hydrodynamic loads due to coupled multiple floating bodies. Monopile, three pile and four pile concepts were investigated. The tower was located in severe earthquake zone and the ground motion loads were included in the design of the non-linear link connecting the tower and the FSO. Risers and pipelines connecting to the tower were designed.

Trinity Drydock

Project: Mooring Spud Design for Trinity Drydock, Texas
Summary: Mooring Spuds have been designed to work with the dry dock carrying 39,700 DWT tanker with a design wind speed of 90 knots.

Mobil Refinery

Project: Mobil Refinery in Port Arthur, Texas
Summary: The project was involved in the design of Mooring and Berthing Dolphins for loading and unloading of tankers. Additions to dock facilities were designed including the pile foundations and dock structure. The design calculations were in compliance with OCIMF criteria.