Zentech Technical Services Inc. (DBA Zentech Inc.) can provide engineering services on a wide variety of government and municipal projects in different countries.

We work hard to provide viable options and solutions to address unique needs, getting experience in a variety of projects, ranging from bridges to navy vessels.


  • Bridges
  • Crack Propagation for Air Force’s aircraft turbine blades
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Research
  • Ship Alteration Installation

Past Projects:

Bridges: Some of the scopes and projects that Zentech Inc. has been involved in over the years, are listed below.

  • 2nd Tacoma Narrows Bridge: Design, Installation Analysis, Construction Management, Site Support, Real-time Monitoring for the Footings of 2nd Tacoma Narrows Bridge Construction Project
  • Huey P. Long Bridge Project
  • San Francisco Bay Bridge Project
  • Benicia Martinez Bridge Project
  • Olmstead Dam Construction Project
  • Korea Immersed Tunnel Project
  • Lake Mead Pier Project
  • Boston Immersed Tunnel Project
  • Catamaran Crane Barge with 3000 MT capacity
  • Shear Leg Crane Barge with 700 MT capacity



National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): U.S. Laboratory Module Neutral Buoyancy Trainer Structural Design and Analysis of the following components:

  • SS Article One: Structural Frame
  • SS Article One: Forward Bulkhead
  • SS Article One: Stand
  • External Airlock: Structural Frame
  • Orbital Docking System: Structural Frame

US Air Force’s: ZENCRACKTM Crack Propagation Software: Reduced significant maintenance hours for the US Air Force’s aircraft turbine blades.

us-department-of-the-air-force-2 us-department-of-the-air-force-3

US Maritime:

  • Marine engineering projects
  • Lifeboat Installation
  • Deck Design Review
  • Crane Foundation engineering
  • Review Of The Aurora Crane Design
  • Lay Repair Boat
  • Dive Boat

Marina Do Brasil:

  • Ex French Navy Vessel (now part of Brazil fleet)
  • ZAIMS saved over 100 metric tons of steel