ZenMas™ – On-Board Realtime Vessel Positioning and Mooring Advisory Program

ZenMas™ is Zentech’s proprietary on-board, realtime, vessel positioning and mooring advisory software for use onboard floating moored vessels. Zentech’s ZenMas™ is outfitted with a wide range of realtime features, calculations, and display of graphics.

ZenMas™ Key Highlights

  • Real-time and Simulation Modes of Operation
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Multi-segment mooring lines
  • Considers the influence of riser stiffness on the system
  • Computation of environmental forces from weather data and vessel coefficients
  • Computation of vessel position from weather data and line length changes
  • Recommendation for Moves : Re-positioning the vessel by haul-in / pay-out of lines
  • Static and Quasi-static analysis
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