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Zero Emissions Initiatives

Vision Statement

Zentech’s Vision is to be The Carbon Accounting and solutions provider of choice, for any organization that is interested in establishing a baseline and solutions for their Carbon Footprint.

Mission Statement

Zentech’s Mission is to leverage its organizational talent, expertise and contribute towards Green House Gas (GHG)  best practices by:

  • Creating a baseline for carbon footprint

  • Monitoring the baseline

  • Providing effective solutions to reduce our customer’s carbon footprint

  • Zentech has established GHG initiatives, overseen by an internal committee, to monitor our carbon performance and promote innovation for our clients and ourselves.

  • The most significant proportion of Zentech’s CO2 contribution is staff commuting. Improvement opportunities under assessment.

  • Carbon accounting as per EPA and Green House Gas Protocol. Zentech’s accounting methodologies extensible to clients and partners.

  • Several GHG related projects, e.g.: EPC of a battery energy storage system for a dynamic positioning vessel operating in the GOM, and a concept design for a hydrogen production vessel, to name a few.

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