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Unique Services

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

U.S. Laboratory Module Neutral Buoyancy Trainer

Structural Design and Analysis of the following components:

  • SS Article One: Structural Frame

  • SS Article One: Forward Bulkhead

  • SS Article One: Stand

  • External Airlock: Structural Frame

  • Orbital Docking System: Structural Frame

Space Shuttle: With external airlock and orbital docking system

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Additional Unique Product Development Projects

  • Mobile Arctic Land Rigs

  • Jacket Relocation

  • Single Point Mooring System

  • Vessel Jacking System Modification

  • FPSO Tech Sdn Bhd – FEA of Mooring Chain Link

  • Bridge Construction

  • Zee Luxury Resort

ZENCRACKTM Crack Propagation Software

  • Reduced significant maintenance hours for the US Air Force’s aircraft turbine blades

Zentech Z-760 (Concept)

  • The all tubular single trussed tower without toothed rack on the chords is very transparent to wind and waves, resulting in lower forces and overturning moment than would be expected for a Jack-up of this size.

  • Zentech’s single-trussed tower, fixed to a bottom mat, provides high rigidity; hence, a lower on-location natural period (virtually eliminating resonant response to large waves), and much smaller platform deflections.

  • The Z-760 is designed for operating with a wide range of bottom conditions, including the soft soils of the Gulf of Mexico, sand waves of the North Sea, and locations where other rigs have left holes or impressions.

  • Rated water depths are not greatly reduced when soft soil conditions are encountered because the mat does not significantly penetrate the sea bottom.

  • Preloading is not necessary with the Z-760, eliminating a time consuming operation, especially for locations with soft soils or severe environmental conditions.

  • The deepwell pumps are in the chords of the tower which protects them from the environment and eliminates the forces and overturning moments that they would add to the structure (particularly significant in the North Sea).

  • Zentech can design the Z-760 for shallow water depths as well with smaller size leg.

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