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Zentech offers extensive capabilities and experience in the reactivation of jack-up rigs, semi-submersible rigs, and other offshore assets, to asset owners in the offshore oil and gas industry. Among the many services that Zentech provides, Zentech provides rig reactivation services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Zentech has the capabilities and proven track record for the following services related to Reactivation:

Pre-project Survey: On board Surveys to assess the as-is condition, and provide a “Gap Analysis” to determine action required to fill the gap between as-is condition and Client requirement. The survey report once complete, will give the owner accurate and detailed overview for their rig reactivation project.

Develop Detailed SOWs: Identify and develop “Work Scopes” or “Work Packages” to provide to the shipyard for bidding purposes, and execution plan. Also needed to provide technical RFQ to vendors.

Shipyard and Vendor Interaction: Technical and commercial interaction with shipyard and various vendors during procurement stage, to perform technical and commercial bid evaluations. Zentech also deals with OEMs and will manage the removal, servicing, replacing, and commissioning of all key equipment. Zentech can also provide commissioning procedures and supervise FATs and commissioning.


  • Over 40 years of engineering background, for the oil and gas industry

  • Project Management

  • Construction management

  • Design, Drawings and Analyses

  • All Disciplines: Marine and Naval Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Piping, HVAC, E&I etc.

Construction Management: Run the project from the shipyard with a small “site team” with discipline leads, overseeing the construction phase of the Reactivation and/or Upgrade phases of the project.  Includes Dry-tow services including engineering and HLV loading, and Dry-dock inspection services for underwater hull portions. Zentech team can also supervise and/or perform gauging and steel replacement, and supervise SPS operations. Zentech’s engineers can augment that with their ZAIMS study.

Project Management: Can also provide turn-key solutions to clients, by managing the project completely from pre-project survey stage, to delivery of the completed rig.

Leg Brace Replacement – Before
Leg Brace Replacement – After

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Removal of Derrick from one Rig, Transporting it on a Ship, Placing it on the Target Rig
Dry-docking and Steel Replacement
Quarters and Helideck – During Upgrade
Quarters – After Upgrade
Quarters – After Upgrade
Mud Pit Area Revamped
Rig Floor Modifications
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