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Zentech, Inc. brings more than 45 years of Design and Innovative Engineering excellence to the marine side of bridge projects. Zentech has very relevant and extensive experience in bridge projects and the other projects related to piers, dams construction and more Zentech has presented and published several technical papers in conferences, journals and also won Awards for these executed projects.

Zentech’s commitment is to provide enhanced safety, reduction of construction costs & time and operation efficiency. Zentech offers an advanced engineering tool for fracture mechanics analyses, Zencrack. This tool can be applied to analyze bridges’ crack behavior, crack growth prediction and residual life. Some of the scopes and projects that Zentech has been involved in over the years, are listed below: a. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project

  • Model testing in wave basin

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Floating body Motions Analysis

  • Floating body Stability Analysis

  • Floating body Mooring Analysis (32-Point Mooring System)

  • Real-time monitoring of the position, motions and mooring parameters of the caisson while under construction

  • Towing Analysis of the caisson from construction site to bridge site

  • Concrete-pouring Barge: Loading, Stability and Mooring

  • Support Barges : Stability and Mooring

b. Catamaran Crane Barge with 3000 MT capacity c. San Francisco Bay Bridge Project d. Benicia Martinez Bridge Project e. Olmstead Dam Construction Project f. Korea Immersed Tunnel Project g. Lake Mead Pier Project h. Boston Immersed Tunnel Project i. Shear Leg Crane Barge with 700 MT capacity

Design, Installation Analysis, Construction Management, Site Support, Real-time Monitoring For the Footings of Tacoma Narrows Bridge Construction Project

Catamaran Barge System for Bridge Construction in California

Catamaran Barge Concept with Combined Lifting of 3000 Tons, for a Dam Project

Installation of a Navigable Pass Near a Dam

Fixed Link Immersed Tunnel in Korea

Bridge Construction in Washington State

Floating Stability Model for transport of Bridge Sections

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