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Front End Engineering

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Zentech’s Engineering Services empower your projects through detail engineering, front-end engineering designs, construction & project management, rig repairs and more.

Zentech offers a wide range of engineering services that can enhance your operational performance. Our Detail Engineering Services are administered by our in-house engineers who are available to help you with your designs. Our front-end engineering design study capabilities are accepted by the world’s most reputable companies in the offshore oil & gas industry. Zentech has provided construction on-site assistance to more rig upgrades than any other competing engineering companies. Contact any one of our worldwide locations to learn more about Zentech’s Engineering Services.

Detail Engineering

Zentech’s in-house engineers can help you with your detail engineering of your jackup rig designs, semi-submersble designs, drillship designs, fixed platform designs and more.

Construction & Project Management

Zentech can assist with your construction and project management needs. Our construction and project managers throughout the world are experienced and capable of handling any turn-key project, large or small.

Rig Repairs & Upgrades

Zentech has more than 45 years of providing repairs and upgrades to jackup rigs, semi-submersibles, and many other vessels used in the offshore oil & gas industry.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Zentech has great experience with EPC contracts. Contact us for help with your next project.

FEED Studies (Front-End Engineering Design)

Contact Zentech for a proposal on your next FEED study need. Our engineering and project management teams combine all our skill sets in this comprehensive kind of work, to leverage your internal staffing.

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