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Drilling Fluid Support

Our liquid mud plant vessel has one primary assignment and that is to, Deliver In Spec Mud Properties.

Cost saving assumptions from always having good mud properties in the well:

  1. Drilling NPT reduction associated with hole conditions

  2. ROP improvements

  3. Less ECD = deeper penetrations into depleted fields before losses occur = access to more reserves and less skin damage to the zones drilled

  4. More logs to bottom

  5. More casing to bottom

Vessel Attributes:

SaṃsāraSafety, Advanced Mud Solutions And Recovery Answers.
“Cyclicality of all life, matter & existence”

    • Stable platform away from the rig for E-Vac/muster point

    • POB overflow

    • Zero physical exposure to cuttings and SLOPS streams due to handling and processing systems

    • Reduction with tank entry due to less tank cleaning

    • Well control fluid make up and availability

    • Reduction of OSV runs from port x 25%

    • Negation of back load of SLOPS to the beach

    • Downhole tool clean and rebuild level 0-2, onsite

    • Helicopter repair garage/workshop

    • Reduction with quick-turnaround specialist to stay onboard vs. return to beach

    • Better fluids in well bore more of the time

    • Lower ECD

    • More logs to bottom

    • More casing strings to casing depth

    • > 5% reduction in targeted LGS due to specialized processes onboard

    • Better & more consistent DRLG fluid properties

    • Increased ROP

    • More bit on bottom time due to reduction in NPT associated with port/OSV trip times

    • 5% reduction is targeted LGS due to specialized processes onboard

    • Reduced LGS + better mud properties increase pump fluid  end component wear time + reduces down hole tool erosion

    • First responder.  Spill recovery & segregation

    • SLOPS taken below regional release point

    • OOC% taken to below regional release point

    • Reduction in risk & exposure to spills due to handling/vessel transfer/port storage/port transportation

    • Reduction in 25% of emissions associated with OSV trips

    • Next tubular string onboard

    • Spare, down hole tool storage

    • Large main deck storage space onboard

    • DWM equipment onboard Samsara

    • Dry silo & sack chemical storage

    • OSV harbor access  / dock issues

    • OSV travel time to and from

    • POOH (trip time) associated with DRLG fluid

    • Good and in spec mud properties delivered to the rig quickly

    • Large reduction in any pit cleaning and time/labor associated

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