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Piping Engineering

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Basic Engineering

  • Pre-Engineering Survey and Pipeline Route Selection

  • Pipeline Steady State Hydraulics

  • Pipeline Mechanical Design

  • Pipeline Stability

  • Pipeline and Riser Installation Analysis and Procedures

  • Pipeline Alignment Drawings and Riser Assembly Drawings

  • Pipeline Shore Pull and Crossings

  • Costing and Schedule

Detail & Construction Engineering

  • Data Sheets and Specifications for Pipelines and Pipeline Components

  • Pipeline Expansion and Wall Thickness Design

  • Pipeline and Riser Span Analysis

  • Pipeline Stability Design Riser and J tube Designs and Analysis

  • Riser Clamps and Riser Guards Design

  • Pipeline Tie-in Spools Design

Detail & Construction Engineering

  • Pipeline Crossings Design

  • Riser and J Tube Assembly and Location Drawings

  • Pipeline Transient Analysis

  • Pipeline and Riser CP design

  • Pipeline Impact Protection Procedures and Design

  • Pipeline Construction Testing and Commissioning Procedures

  • Riser and Pipeline Installation Procedures

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