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Why Us?

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Because we support our clients to achieve solutions to their engineering problems, we take extreme pleasure in winning the confidence of our Clients through our highly talented team of engineers.   We understand and perform engineering to meet your needs and beat your deadlines.   Our team will define a clear scope of work, including deliverable before starting a project.  At other times when information through as-built drawings is not available, we will scan the structures and systems of your vessel using LIDAR technology and virtual reality for obtaining accurate information before performing engineering.

Even though we have several in-house developed engineering software to produce accurate and efficient solutions, our engineering team does use most other  standard Industry developed software as well.

With our various offices in other time zones, our team can perform engineering work 24 hours a day. To meet your needs, we can perform engineering, whether it is structural, mechanical, electrical, naval architecture, or construction management.  For specific projects, we will develop an engineering software to bring added efficiency to your projects.

The success and satisfaction of our Clients are of extreme importance to our company.  We strive for well-written “Completion Certificates” from our Clients.

We will work for your smallest to the most significant projects from developing concept engineering to FEED study to engineering design, 3D detail design drawings to Construction management including commissioning, and installation on site.

We mobilize our cutting edge technology team to achieve profitable performance for you and us. We focus solely on your success; however, you define it.

Zentech assigned Point-of-Contact will keep you abreast of the status of the project throughout its duration, weekly, or even daily if necessary.  Some of our EPIC Projects Clients have left us completely in-charge to achieve success for the project.


We don’t just talk about it. We would like to show you how it works. Give us a try through a small project and check how we perform. Find out the truth about who you have on your team. We will tell you in no uncertain terms exactly what we can and cannot do, and once we say we “can” do something, we do it with a passion unrivalled in the industry.


We started our business more than 40 years ago with a critical goal, which was to win strong relationships with our Client and to preserve a well-respected name through quality work, efficiency, and cost effective delivery of solutions for our clients.


One of the essential keys to business success is to understand the needs of your Client, know the capabilities of the executing team, and how best to maximize the team’s talents. We strive to bring you well-designed structures and systems that would meet your needs, any third party predefined rules and be constructible. We take our responsibility one step further and make sure that we stack the board in our Client’s favor.

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