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Zentech is comprised of experienced professionals,including our Senior Management Team, Engineering Management, Project Management, and Construction Service Management.  This team possesses an extensive amount of experience and engineering knowledge, which it uses to conceive superior designs that are construction-friendly and can be built at optimal costs for Zentech clients.  Read more about our executive board members below.

Ramesh Maini, President & CEO

Ramesh Maini has served as the President and CEO since Zentech’s inception more than 40 years ago, and is one of the founding partners. He has substantial experience in the design, construction supervision and rig moves of jackup drilling rigs. He was the principal architect in the design and construction of the jackups “Dyvi Beta” and “Dyvi Gamma” for Norwegian drilling contractor Dyvi A/S, which in 1977 were the largest jackups capable of operating in the North Sea. He was also responsible for the engineering and construction of two new mat-supported jackup drilling rigs, which are presently operating in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Angola. As President of Zentech, Ramesh has been involved with major design modifications and enhancement of over 100 jackup drilling rigs, MOPUs and MSVs.

Partha Chakrabarti

Partha Chakrabarti serves as the Vice President of Engineering at Zentech. His responsibilities include leading a team for the design, engineering and technology development of floating and fixed structures, preparation of proposals and client liaison.

During the past several years, he has led the Zentech design group in performing analysis and design of jackup rigs, semisubmersibles, barges and other floating structures such as TLPs and SPARs. He also directs the team performing fatigue, seismic, pushover and finite element analysis, dynamic analysis of flexible and rigid risers, motion and mooring analysis of floating structures. In previous positions, Dr. Chakrabarti designed a number of fixed offshore platforms for processing, drilling, flaring and as living quarters facilities. He is a Member of the ASCE, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineers, U.K.

Dr. Chakrabarti holds a Doctorate in Philosophy – Structural Dynamics, M. Sc. in Structural Engineering, and B.E. in Civil Engineering.

Sundaram “Sundy” Srinivasan, COO

Sundy Srinivasan serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Zentech. He is an extremely well connected and respected industry executive with international upstream oil and gas experience. He has lived and worked in over 12 countries. Srinivasan spent more than 25 years at Schlumberger, serving across a variety of management roles. Srinivasan also worked as a Senior Advisor of BP.

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