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ZenMoor™ – Mooring Analysis Software

ZenMoor™ is Zentech’s proprietary, Windows based, Mooring Analysis Software. Zentech’s mooring analysis computer program can be used by vessel personnel, marine engineers, and naval architects.

ZenMoor™ Mooring Analysis Key Highlights
  • Wave Frequency Vessel Response

  • Mooring Line Dynamic Analysis in Frequency and Time Domain

  • Fatigue Analysis of Mooring Lines

  • Choice of Wave and Wind Spectra

  • Computation of Environmental Forces from Wind, Wave and Current

  • Data and Vessel Coefficients

  • Vessel Offset Calculation due to Change in Environment or Line Lengths

  • Line Payout Calculation for Vessel Relocation

  • Computes Line Tensions and Factors of Safety, Line Angles, Line on Bottom, Anchor Distances and Anchor Load

ZenMoor is a Powerful State-of-the-Art, Windows-based program for the Mooring Design and Analysis of Semi-submersibles, FPSOs, Spars, Barges and other Floating Systems used in the offshore energy industry.

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