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WMS™ – On-Board Spar Structure Weight Management Software

WMS™ is an interactive, menu-driven, vessel-specific software used in data management and loading calculations in the day- to-day operations of Spars offshore floating structures.

WMS™ Key Highlights
  • Deck-wise Solid Weight Management through graphics, by click and drag option

  • Weight Management by Grouping and Sub- grouping

  • Summary of Consumables and their Break-up

  • Calculation of Liquid Weights and CGs from Tank Tables

  • Interface with ZenMAS, the Real-time Mooring Advisory Software and update of mooring loads real-time

  • Pull-Down and Pop-Up Menus for Data Input

  • Grouping of Weights Based on Solids, Liquids, Miscellaneous Items and Mooring Loads

  • CGs of Weights about Global or Local Coordinate Systems

WMS™ is Zentech’s stability Weight Management System Application for Spars and other offshore floating structures allowing users to track weight, parameters, stability, and much more.

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