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ZAIMS™ (Zentech Asset Integrity Management Solution)

ZAIMS™ organizes and maintains reports and results of a single, as well as multiple inspections to record corrosion gauging, bends, dents, known cracks or steel replacement for each asset of the company in a single and securely accessible data repository.

ZAIMS™ Quality Control Key Highlights
  • Zentech prepares AutoCAD template drawings, when possible.

  • Inspection Company adds gauged information in the drawings.

  • Gauged data is brought into the ZAIMS™ database from AutoCAD drawings.

  • The analysis model is built from the template drawings, using Zentech’s patented procedure that converts 2D drawings into a 3D model.

  • Local minimum scantling and global Von Mises are calculated, and the results are displayed in a 3D model, and also exported to the template drawings.

  • The field engineer and class surveyor review the drawings and make final replacement decisions.

  • The fabricator can use the template drawings and continue the development of cut-sheets or fabrication drawings.

ZAIMS™ is a comprehensive tool that binds all of the components into a seamless package for both individual assets and global fleet management.

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