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LosJack™ – Proprietary Load and Stability Software

LosJack™ is an interactive; menu driven program used on-board jackup rigs, to perform loading and stability calculations. This system is a windows based application, with a user friendly interface. It has numerous error checking routines to warn the user when improper input data is used and/or limits are exceeded. The program is customized to fully comply with the requirements and procedures of the vessel’s Operating Manual.

LosJack™ Key Highlights
  • Updates of draft, trim and heel, deck loads and KG margin, 3D/2D views with every entry.

  • Weight Management by grouping and sub-grouping (with the choice of global or local coordinate systems).

  • Grouping of weights based on solids, liquids and miscellaneous items.

  • Various mode of operations (Floating, Preload, Drilling, Survival and Jacking).

  • Facility to archive and retrieve loading conditions.

  • Real time updating of 2D and 3D views of the vessel to view heel, trim and tank sounding.

  • Calculation of stability parameters.

  • Preload planning and real-time monitoring of preload operation.

LosJack is an interactive, menu-driven, rig-specific software used in data management and loading calculations for day-to-day operations of Jack-Up rigs.

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