Zentech Announces New Technological Advancement for Surveying Tanks and Corrosion
Zentech Announces New Technological Advancement for Surveying Tanks and Corrosion

February 12, 2021

HOUSTON, TX (December 1, 2020) – Zentech Inc announces its new technological advancement, Zentech Virtual Reality – Inspection (ZVR-I) for Tank Inspections, bringing cost savings, greatly improving human safety and time savings to the Oil & Gas and Marine Shipping Industries.

This latest advancement comes at a critical time for the offshore industry. As more and more vessels are transitioning between offline and online, their current conditions can make a significant change to timelines and the supply chain. Zentech has created a way to visually inspect the conditions of a tank without the need for personnel to enter hazardous spaces, void of oxygen, or with other potentially hazardous atmospheres. With little to no light, tanks can be viewed to see the level of corrosion allowing Management, Engineers, Class Society, and Thickness Gauging companies an immersive view, that is otherwise unattainable.

Quick deployment, measurement capability, snap-shot images taken from within the model, and the option to make collaborative notations highlighting key areas are all additional features of this technology.

“Zentech is very excited and enthusiastic about bringing this technology to market. Not only are we seeing instant cost savings and significant improvements to life and safety, but we also have the added benefit of partnering this with our in-house Asset Integrity software,  ZAIMS, and expanding cost savings across the board,” said Ramesh Maini, CEO of Zentech.

Zentech Incorporated is a Houston, Texas-based marine engineering, project and construction management, and naval architecture firm specializing in the offshore oil and gas and renewable energy industries. The company has more than forty (40) years of experience in providing innovative engineering solutions and employs a professional staff of over 180 in six (6) international locations. Zentech’ s expertise encompasses dynamically positioned semi-submersibles, drill-ships, jack-up drilling units, modular platform drilling rigs, barge rigs, fixed offshore platforms, floating production systems, risers, and pipelines.