Blue Whale Ocean Filtration & Zentech Partner for a Cleaner World
Blue Whale Ocean Filtration & Zentech Partner for a Cleaner World

January 25, 2021


Blue Whale Ocean Filtration and Zentech Incorporated have forged a partnership to engineer, design and construct specialty Marine Filtration Vessels to filter and remove floating debris, marine plastic and microplastic waste from contaminated bodies of water focusing on the five ocean gyres, lakes, rivers, harbors, and bays around the world.

The Blue Whale Ocean Filtration vessels are designed with patent-pending technology combined with channel screens, conveyance, and waste compaction to generate reclaimed plastic products, alternative fuel sources, polymer roads, etc.

Time is of the essence before the megatons of marine plastics that are being dumped into the world’s oceans and waterways photodegrade into microplastics which will have a significant and irreversible impact on marine life and the earth’s largest ecosystem.

Pictured: Plastic Bottle and Plastic Waste Build-up around the world.
Pictured: Trash build-up, mainly plastics, along the shoreline in Asian country.

The partnership is positioned to be a leader in the filtration, removal, and reclamation of marine and microplastics from the sea and is currently looking for donations, investors, partnerships, and licensing opportunities as well.

Blue Whale Ocean Filtration, LLC, is a Massachusetts based water purification start-up company that specializes in filtration capture and removal of Marine Plastics and Microplastics using time-proven industrial screening/filtration technology combined with an innovative patent-pending phase separation technology. The Founder has over 36 years of water purification/ wastewater treatment experience on the municipal and industrial markets in areas of expertise spanning phase separation, filtration, membrane separation, and water recycling for a variety of industries and over 18 cruise liner vessels.

Zentech Incorporated is a Houston based marine engineering and naval architecture firm specializing in the renewable energy and offshore oil and gas industries. The company has more than forty-three (43) years of experience in providing innovative engineering solutions and employs a professional staff of over 180 in six (6) international locations. Zentech’s expertise encompasses LNG vessels, Wind turbine installation vessels, dynamically positioned Semi-submersibles, Drill-ships, Jack-up drilling units, Modular Platform drilling rigs, Barge rigs, Fixed offshore platforms, shipyards, floating production systems, risers, and pipelines.