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Zentech, Inc. has been involved with new designs and major modifications of existing vessels for enhanced performance for many years. In addition to these, Zentech has its own proprietary designs of Jack-Up Drilling Rigs, the R-450D, R-450e and Z-636 and the very versatile Z-210 Self-Propelled Jack-Up Multi-Purpose Service Vessel.

Zentech has Worked on

  • New Semi-Submersible Design Study
  • New Build Jack-Up Study
  • New Build Lift Boat Design and Analysis
  • Cantilever Conversion and Slot Closures of Jack-Up Rigs
  • Pontoon Sponson Additions and Column Blister Additions of Semi-Submersibles
  • Conversion of Submersible to DP Semi-Submersible
  • Conversion of Drilling Rig to Mobile Offshore Production Unit
  • Conversion of Accommodation Rig to a Deepwater Drilling Rig
  • Conversion of Simple Barge to a Crane Barge
  • Conversion of Crane Barge to Pipe-Lay/Derrick Barge
  • Suitability of Deep Water Mooring Systems

In addition, Zentech has been involved in several "Unique" projects like

  • Designing a Floating Pier System for Lake Mead
  • Designing an Underwater Tunnel for Boston Harbor
  • Mooring of Tacoma Narrows Bridge Caissons in Very High Current
  • Hydrodynamic simulation of tunnel elements for Busan, Korea IMT Project
  • Bascule Bridge Installation
  • Temporary Piling installation for jacket structure- CANAPORT TERMINAL

Our Experience with Floating and Fixed Facilities includes

  • Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Units
  • Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) Units
  • Floating Production System (FPS)
  • Tension Leg Platforms (TLP)
  • SPARs
  • Jack-Up Production Units (JPU)
  • Fixed Platforms

Our Experience with Offshore Construction / Multi-Purpose Vessels includes

  • Combination Pipe-Lay/Derrick Barges
  • Pipe-Lay Barges
  • Derrick Barges
  • LiftBoats
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